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Wooden Wick Candles In Gold Coast

Creating a candle means creating an experience. An atmosphere where you can relax and reconnect with natural fragrances and essential oils. Candles in Australia handcraft our soy wax candles with the option of a wooden wick. Wooden wick candles create the comforting sound of a crackling fire, with the bonus of an impressive burn time. Soy wax candles paired with a wooden wick mean you’ll have the pleasure of a longer lasting candle, with a strong aroma. Your relaxation and atmosphere will be transformed with our wooden wick candles.

Wooden Wick Candles Versus Cotton Wick Candles

When it comes to making candles, the type and quality of ingredients you use can drastically change your product. We offer the choice of wooden wick and cotton wick candles; so, what’s the difference? And which should you choose to create the most relaxing atmosphere? Cotton wick candles are the standard choice when handcrafting, they are a braided strand of cotton dipped in wax. Wooden wicks are simply thin strips of wood. Cotton wick candles provide an upright flame that burns your wax well and doesn’t require much maintenance. Wooden wicks however provide a horizontal flame, providing a much more even burn; but they do require trimming before and after each burn, to reduce soot and keep a steady flame.

Product Quality of Wooden Wick Candles

Whilst both wooden and cotton wick candles provide great results when burning, it all comes down to individual preference for customised candles. Soy wax candles paired with wooden wicks have a horizontal flame, this means they burn into the wax more rapidly than the upright flame of a cotton wick. The soy wax provides a larger wax pool and a stronger scent, giving you a longer lasting candle. Wooden wicks are a natural and sustainably conscious option when creating customised candles. We ensure our wicks are responsibly sourced, perfect for your customised candles, and the creation of a natural, relaxing atmosphere.

Wooden wick candles are long lasting and slow burning meaning you can indulge in your favourite scents for hours. Browse our wooden wick candles on our website today.

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Coconut + Lime

Candle Wooden Wick Black

Frangipani + Lilly Pilly

Candle Wooden Wick Black


Lavender Fields Candles In Australia

Japanese Honeysuckle

Candle Wooden Wick Black

Lemon Myrtle

Candle Wooden Wick Black

Lavender Fields

Candle Wooden Wick Black

Lychee Guava

Lavender Fields Candles In Australia


Lavender Fields Candles In Australia

Ocean Breeze

Lavender Fields Candles In Australia

One Million

One Million made in Australia

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon made in Australia

Pineapple Driftwood

Pineapple Driftwood made in Australia

White Gardenia

Lavender Fields Candles In Australia


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